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Customer Support:

Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold,YGS always provide the SAFEST and BEST service needed.
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About Our Service

WOW Power Leveling is our primary service, we have been in the business that wow power leveling for 4 years!We don't use any Bots or Macros to power level your character. So we can ensure your account is 100% safe. All of our employees are veteran World of Warcraft players, who personally powerleveling your character, to provide even more safety to your account. As we know, when you first start a game of World of Warcraft, you will be taken to your race's starting area. All the races except trolls and gnomes begin in a unique location. So it takes a long time to powerlevel a powerful character for many players, for the player's energy and time are limited. So please let us do this task for you, one of our wow power leveling service for you as a full- time job other than part-time. We will complete the wow power leveling in a very short time, and you can play the character at your desired level. During the progress of wow power leveling, you can get all information about your wow power leveling status anytime.

1.How can I trust you?
Our company is registered as a legal corporation in Chinese Department of Economic and Social Affairs'. We own professional level rooms and expert players. We attach great importance to the order of every single customer and cherish all the cooperation opportunities with customers. Credit is our life and we won't play any joke on it, please do believe.
2.How do you level my character?
We assign expert players who kill monsters over and over again for 12hrs/day. They also perform quests to upgrade your character. All work is done by real people, and for avoiding attention by GM we wont be on line over 14 hrs per day like a real owner of this account.
3.Do you use bots or macros?
No! We do not use any bots, macros or any other third parties in-game behavior that is forbidden to perform our services. We have over 200+ employees that personally work on your character. This ensures your character is leveled the safest way possible. And we have detail expression on this page http://www.toppowerlevel.net/PLG.php
4.Will you use my character to PK (player-kill) or KS (kill-steal)?
No! We will never involve your character in PKing, KSing, farming or any other behavior that is frowned upon.
5.What do you do if someone sends a message to my character?
Normally we will respond as if /DND when another player sends you a message, however if a GM sends you a telling we will say hello to him or her. We can respond in any way you like though. If you have any specific answers you would like us to use, please just let us know and we will be sure to use them.
6.I don't want my guild or friends to know that you are playing my character. What will you do?
They will see you as /DND what shows "don't interrupt me now, I will talk to you later" and we will act so when they send you a tell. Also you can give us a reply you want and we will follow what you told us to.
7.Do I keep the money & items gained while you train my character?
Of course! You retain all gold and loots during the power leveling. In additional, you will typically gain good equipments and substantial game money. We will sell useless items to vendors, put good ones (like rare or epic or good green gears) in bank.
8.Can I play with my character while leveling?
If you want, please contact the live-help at any time, we could stop level for a while. When you are in game, please dont take away or sell the gold and equipment. They are necessary to leveling. After you leave the game, dont forget to inform the customer service representative. Well go on leveling immediately. We also delay the time of accomplishment according to the time you spend in game. Of cause, you can choose the hour service, it is more convenience. But we suggest you do not log on during our leveling. That way would let your character be noticed by Game Master and your account would be very easily get banned. ESPECIALLY IN WOW, BLIZZARD IS CRAZY ON BANNING ACCOUNTS. So please keep your patience until we finish your order. Thank you for your understanding!
9.After I pay, When do you start to level?
Normally, we start leveling within 30m after receiving your order. Sometimes our departments get full and it may take longer for your order to start. In this condition, we ll inform you at once and let you know the waiting time.
10.What security precautions are taken to protect my personal information?
We take your privacy extremely seriously either your registered info or your game account info. We have systems in place to screen every order and protect customers information. Information given to us is never disclosed to any third parties and is only given to those in our company who need it to complete your order. Once your order is completed, please do change your password. And for more details you still could visit our PRIVACY POLICY on page http://www.toppowerlevel.net/privacy.php
11.How could you keep my account of my character in game be safe?
All services of YGS are processed by professional power levelers, never uses bots, Third Party Software or any type of automated programs. Before power leveling has been started, YGS would change the password of your account if your order would take a long time over 15 days, to avoid any probable interruptions. If you need to log on to your account, please contact the live support on our site, they would like do you any favor. However, to keep your account from being detected by Blizzard that it's Login from a different IP in a short period of time, we suggest you do not sign in your account during our power leveling until it is finished as we expressed in the eight point if FAQ. The appropriative Login program is used while power leveling, to prevent any key log or any other virus attacking. YGS would arrange one or two skilled power levelers for you, and we wont be online for 24 hours per day to avoid Blizzard's attention. We would play14-16 Hours every day. It is safer for your account. All of our computers employ multiple VPN proxy, including US, Germany, Britain etc. We would choose an appropriate one for you according to your server, to protect your account been suspended because of different IP location. It advances the security and Reliability. Therefore you could be relieved 100% on the safety of your account. And we have an Account Safety Guarantee on page http://www.toppowerlevel.net/PLG.php
12.Are you affiliated with any other gaming companies?
No. We are an independent company that is 100% focused on providing services in massively multiplayer games. We have no affiliations with any other game related companies at the present time.
13.How can I order your service?
Please choose the leveling service that you want on our site, after done it, fill in your information according to the instruction of page. After pay, you ll receive your order number. You can check the status of your order by the number. If the service you need, but not list on our site, you can contact us by live-help, AIM, YAHOO, MSN, or e-mail, we ll customize the service you need. We ll send you an e-mail at the beginning and the end of the order.
14.What payment methods do you accept?
We prefer Pay Pal but also accept Western Union and Money bookers
15.What is Pay Pal and how does it work?
Pay pal is an online payment system that facilitates the transfer of money from one bank account to another. After signing up for an account at paypal.com and proceeding through their easy verification process, you may transfer money from your bank account into your PayPal account and begin making purchases online from websites like as amazon.com, eBay, and of course Toppowerlevel.net. Paypal is one of the most widely accepted electronic payment services used today, to reliably, instantly, and safely move money between accounts worldwide.
16.How do I open an account in PayPal?
To open an account in Paypal, simply visit paypal.com. From there you can click on the "Sign Up" button and follow the registration process. PayPal has a user-friendly system to help new users create their accounts.
17.How do I verify my PayPal account?
The Paypal verification system is quite simple and easy. Once you have created your Paypal account, you have the option to acquire verified status by completing a process through your bank. After logging into your PayPal account, click the option that says "Verify My Account," and follow the instructions. PayPal will make two small deposits into the bank account attached to your PayPal account and they will request that you verify exactly the amounts that they have deposited. After checking your bank records, simply enter the deposit amounts into PayPal's query page and your account will then attain verified status.
18.How to pay with credit card without a Paypal account
You can easily use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card by selecting "PayPal" as your payment method.
You will be redirected to the Paypal checkout page, once there you may
• login to your Paypal account if you have one
• if you do not have a Paypal account simply click the button that says:
"If you do not currently have a Paypal account, Click Here". You will then be able to enter your credit card information.
19.My shipping address is not confirmed. How can I confirm my shipping address?
Go to www.Paypal.com and click on help , use keyword confirm shipping address in the help search box
20.I forgot to include my Confirmed shipping address. What Should I do?
Please visit www.Paypal.com and log into the same Paypal account that you placed your order from. Click on the Send money tab and input the following
21.Why is my shipping address unconfirmed?
Paypal uses an Automated Verification System to verify credit card billing addresses that are entered on the system. An address is confirmed if it is associated with a credit card or can be independently verified by Paypal. Gift Addresses and addresses associated with a Switch or Solo debit card cannot be confirmed. Currently, our system cannot verify most non-U.S. credit card billing addresses.
These types of security measures are unfortunately necessary in an online environment where it is difficult to check someone's identity. In the physical world, sellers can check someone's credit card and driver's license. In the online world, where simple and effective identification tools do not yet exist, we have to take different precautions. We believe that these safety precautions are in the interest of all our members.
22.Why my game account being locked?
23.How can I make it unlocked?
Here are 3 ways for us to resolve this problem:
1. You can simply change the password by yourself, then tell us the new password. But please remember not to logon your game account again until we finish your order, in case, the game account would be locked again.
2. You can send us the link which Blizzard sent to you to change the password, and then we can change the password by ourselves, and surely, we will tell you the new password. But please also remember not to try to logon your game account until we finish your order.
3. You can give us your email and password, then if your game account was locked, we can login your mailbox to click the link to change the password to unlock the game account. So that we donĄŻt have to bother you. After we finish your order, we will send you back the email as well as the new password, and then you can change the password for both the game account and your email. If your email is only for your wow account use, we would highly recommend you to use this way.


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